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SAP System Administration Made Easy

SAP System Administration Made Easy
R/3 Release 4.6 A/B

Publisher: Johnson Printing Service (February 25, 2000)
ISBN: 1893570436

Pages: 676 pages
Size: 17.39 MB

Release 4.6 of the System Administration Made Easy Guidebook continues in the direction of the 4.0 version. The primary focus is the importance of the on-going nature of system administration. This book is written for an installed system, where all installation tasks have been completed. Installation and related tasks, which are usually performed once, have not been included in this guidebook.

This guidebook is organized in the following fashion:
- The first two chapters provide a high-level view of disaster recovery and backup and
- Chapters 4-8 are helpful checklists that help the system administrator complete various tasks, including daily, weekly, and yearly.
These chapters also provide helpful transaction codes and where in the book these codes are found.
- Chapter 9 discusses how to stop or start the R/3 System.
- Chapters 10-13 involve the following topics:
R/3 administration
Security administration
User administration
Database administration (SQL Server)

The rest of the book covers subjects such as operations, troubleshooting, remote services, change management, and SAPNet R/3–Frontend (formerly known as OSS). The four appendices cover useful transactions, other resources, SAPNet R/3–Frontend notes, and a discussion on upgrades.

Overall, this is a must read book for every BASIS Consultant.

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