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At SAP, innovation and entrepreneurship define our identity as the world's leading software provider. That's why we hire smart, ambitious people who are looking for a place to grow their careers. They are hardworking and industrious with a practical vision of success -- outstanding people looking for outstanding careers.

Being a part of SAP means being a part of one of the most successful companies in the world, a recognized market leader. It also means being challenged like never before, taking risks, growing, and succeeding. The day you start at SAP is the day you begin playing a key role in making our customers' businesses the best-run businesses in the world.

Global Opportunities

SAP is widely recognized as one of the best places to work. We are a dedicated team of unique individuals working for a unique company that offers exceptional opportunities around the globe. Go on, see for yourself. There may be a place for you at SAP.

CRM-Specific Information

SAP CRM provides comprehensive generic and industry-specific CRM capabilities that support all customer-facing lines of business across marketing, sales and service, as well as customer interaction channels, and includes powerful analytics.
Only with SAP CRM your employees have on overview of the complete supply chain and fast access to consolidated information to grow long-term customer retention.
SAP does this by:

* Supporting customer related processes from end-to-end along the value chain, across departmental boundaries into fulfilment, through shipping, and finally from invoicing to account receivables.
* Providing employees with enterprise customer intelligence bringing together all relevant sources of customer data across the enterprise for faster, better and more accurate decision-making
* Enabling immediate value, supporting organizations to address strategic priorities first, accomplish business value quickly, and expand their solution step by step - realizing tangible ROI with each step along the way.

Organizations can thereby make CRM an integral driver of their overall business strategy aiming at driving revenue, attaining operational excellence, and managing profitable growth.
To fully leverage the CRM solution, SAP Best Practices for CRM has been developed, which helps you reap business benefits quickly and reduce your risks as far as possible.
SAP Best Practices for CRM can be tailored to suit exactly your requirements. Therefore, SAP Best Practices is the optimal starting point providing completely pre-defined business scenarios. However, please note that SAP Best Practices for CRM focuses on a limited number of central scenarios for SAP CRM. The main focal point of SAP Best Practices is to make all configuration settings for these business scenarios readily available for evaluation and implementation. Of course, the solution based on SAP Best Practices can be extended with additional configuration to make use of all the benefits SAP CRM offers.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software from SAP, crm asp

The SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application provides best-in-class functionality for marketing, sales, and service. By supporting customer-facing business processes across multiple interaction channels, SAP CRM enables organizations to focus on strategies for customer-driven growth and to differentiate themselves in the market by providing a superior customer experience.
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With SAP CRM, you get the help you need to delight your customers, empower your teams, and grow your business.

SAP CRM has helped the best-run companies in more than 25 industries make the most of their relationships with customers. With SAP CRM, your organization can capitalize on customer insight, improve front-line efficiency and effectiveness, streamline critical business processes across customer touch points, and quickly adapt to changing business and customer needs.

Learn more about what SAP CRM has to offer:

* Get better acquainted with SAP CRM functionality by reading the solution overview brochure (PDF, 729 KB).
* Get a complete picture of SAP CRM capabilities by viewing the solution map.

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