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What or who is ERP SAP


For the totally uninitiated, the terminology ERP SAP will sound almost like of a foreign language, yet it is a form of information technology that virtually forms the backbone in all that is going on across the developed world. It is no coincidence that the letters ERP appear first in the configuration, because the Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) takes the predominant role.

Designed and developed to support multiple functions. In a business environment, ERP software has become an industry standard for the handling and processing of large volumes of information. Installing an ERP system provides integrated information running through a variety of departments. The function the software can handle in clued the following: · The entire manufacturing process · Order entry, · Accounts receivable · Accounts payable, · General ledger control. · Purchasing control. · Stock control and warehousing. · Transportation · Human resources.

With its roots in the manufacturing industry, ERP has evolved into a software package that can be stylized and tailored to suit any business application, from service industries to retailing. It can be used to integrate and assimilate with existing software programs, one of which was SAP.

So what does SAP stand for, you might be asking. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products. A highly original and straight to the point name for a company that is the fourth largest software developer in the World.

Founded in 1972, by a team of five engineers from Germany who met through their former employer, none other IBM, SAP were the developers of the ERP software, which has revolutionized the World of business information processing.

There success in this highly specialist field .is virtually unrivalled, and they have sold over 100,000 versions of their software since they wrote their first piece of code. SAP’s client base numbers more than 30,000, most of them large international businesses and corporation based all over the globe.

Today SAP is recognized as the market leader in collaborative business software solutions Although the bulk of their software is sold in North America, where the operate a wholly owned subsidiary company, SAP’s headquarters remain in Walldorf, Germany, This is the nerve center of the company and the base for the file wholly owned global subsidiaries.

What is especially interesting about SAP ERP is that the company has only ever launched three versions of this software. There flair for naming their products is widely evidenced by the fact that the three versions were titled R/1, followed by R/2 and the current version, the aptly named R/3.

Despite the sparseness of their product naming policy, SAP certainly know ho to turn a profit both on Wall Street and on the German stock exchange. With 27,000 highly trained programmers and service personnel on their payroll, SAP is now turning over $11 billion annually. A lot of money for a company with such a short name and small product range.

Does Your ERP System Need a Review?

Ever worked for one of those businesses where the left hand doesn’t seem to know what the right hand is doing? One of those businesses where they seem to give you the mushroom treatment – keep you in the dark and feed you a load of… manure?

These companies may well need to review their ERP systems or even get one into place! ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is a system where all data and processes in a company are integrated into the one system. This means that all the software and hardware are integrated, and that everyone can access the same database if they need to.

Having an ERP system in place would have helped in one situation I was involved in. We were moving out of a rental property owned by a large company. As we should have, we gave notice to the nearest branch of this company, paid the last instalment of the rent that we owed and moved out.

Next thing we know, four weeks in our new house, a letter turns up from that company – correctly addressed – saying that we hadn’t paid the rent on the old house for two weeks and unless we paid up, we’d be evicted. I resisted the temptation to do nothing just to see what they would have done if they turned up to evict tenants out of an unoccupied house… You guessed it: the branch we contacted wasn’t the one handling the property we had been in.

I hope this experience made that particular company review or even install their ERP system so it didn’t happen again!

Choosing an ERP system is a big step for any company, and it is important that you read a good, unbiased review of the ERP system you are considering.

For a start, you need to review whether the ERP system you are considering will do the job that you want it to. Some companies only need a package that will integrate their accounting and their payroll work. However, other ERP systems have much, much more involved.

An ERP system may contain many different aspects that were formerly kept separate. Examples of things that may be integrated by an ERP system are human resources, supply chain management, customer relations, manufacturing and decision support. Now if the whole company needs to review how and where it does things, a good ERP system will make this so much easier.

Some of the most significant ERP systems that are popular today include SAP, The Sage Group, Oracle Applications, Epicor, Visma and QAD. Others are also widely used in the corporate and manufacturing world.

Naturally, opinions differ at to the merits and disadvantages of each of these ERP systems. Talking to someone will give you a good review of each product, but you will also find a host of ERP system reviews online. Read these ERP reviews very carefully to find out if the system you are considering is the right one for your organisation.

Don’t forget – it’s not just businesses that may need to review their ERP system. Charitable organisations, clubs, churches and sporting bodies also need the left hand to know what the right hand is doing.


SAP ERP. Sounds like an alien language or a comedy duo, right? Well, if you’re part of a business, these two acronyms should roll of your tongue. Why? Because SAP ERP could save your business hundreds of person-hours and thousands of dollars by increasing efficiency and organizing your business’ data!

SAP (which originally stood for Systems, Applications, and Processing) is a brand of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is the software for any kind of business!

SAP ERP software is especially distinguishable from other ERP software because of its specialization in mid- to large-sized businesses, particularly banks, health care, machinery manufacturers, construction companies, mining, retail, media, wholesale, and other large industries.

SAP is a German-based company that was founded over thirty-five years ago by five former IBM engineers. Before SAP ERP, SAP was one of the first companies to offer an ERP-type software system with its SAP R/1-R/3 software, earlier prototypes of SAP ERP software. Today SAP is the world’s largest business software company.

SAP ERP software works as a customer service database, a warehouse inventory database, a human resources database, and a digital personal secretary all in one. Keep track of all of your clients’ contact information and purchases so that if they call, you can bring up their files and speak to them as if you had memorized every one of your clients’ preferences.

SAP ERP software keeps track of materials you need to manufacture new products as well as expenditures. Shipping dates, shipping costs, and orders placed are just a few examples of the warehouse inventory data stored in your SAP ERP software database. Take an order from a client, enter it into SAP ERP, and the computer in the warehouse will print out shipping information for your packers!

Your human resources department can use SAP ERP software to keep track of payroll, taxes, vacation time, sick leaves, resumes, and references all in one place.

SAP ERP software can also be your personal secretary because it can be programmed to make reminders pop up on your computer screen that you have a meeting or you promised to call a client. SAP ERP software also can automatically send e-mails to clients on a certain day as you program it or automatically print mailing labels for your mailing campaigns!

SAP ERP software is easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate with most programs. Do you frequently use Microsoft Office? You can keep using it with the SAP ERP software database!

Don’t let a little disorganization ruin your business when the problem is so easily solved with SAP ERP software. Shop online for the best prices or you can find SAP ERP software direct from the manufacturer along with more information at!

SAP - BI/BW Consultant

SAP - BI/BW Consultant

  • SAP - BW Consulatnt
  • Highly Reputable Organisation
  • Permanent Position

My client is a Global Leader in their industry and is expanding rapidly; due to the fast expansion they are looking for a Senior SAP BW consultant to join them. They are one of the largest organisations with offices across the globe.

As the Senior SAP BI/BW consultant you will be responsible for the project approach in development and implementation. The position will require someone that can guarantee that deliverables are produced in accordance to high standards.

To be considered for the role you will ideally possess:

  • 2 Full life cycle implementation experience in SAP
  • 5+ years experience working with SAP
  • a sound understanding of the functional and technical processes of the BW module
  • Solid analysis skills with demonstrated ability to extract, scope and document requirements and translate these into technical specifications
  • Excellent professional communication and highly evolved interpersonal and presentation skills
  • additional cross module knowledge in SAP will be highly regarded
  • Exposure to data warehouse tools and ASAP methodology is preferred.

If you have the above skill set and are looking to work with a rich pool of SAP talent who are utilizing the latest SAP technologies, please apply now…

SAP Personnel Admin (HR/HCM)

SAP Personnel Admin (HR/HCM)
  • Location: New Brunswick, NJ
    Company: Confidential
  • Description:
    Job Title: SAP Personal Admin (HR)

    Location: New Brunswick, New Jersey

    Project Duration: 6 Month(s)

    Est Start Date: ASAP

    Skill Set:

    REQUIRED SKILLS for Personnel Administration Lead

    - 5 years experience with Personnel Administration configuration

    - Candidate must have at least 3 full life cycle implementations

    - Experience on a global project is a plus.

    Skill Type Required-SAP - PA - Personnel Administration.

    Job Description: Project Role:Functional Analyst - SAP
  • To Apply :

SAP Financials Consultant

SAP Financials Consultant

  • Location: Washington, DC
    Company: Confidential
  • Description:
    We are on retainer with a Global Solutions organization who is looking for a SAP Financials Consultant - This is a Full Time Employee position). This position requires 50% travel and you must live in Washington, DC. If you are interested please forward your resume and I will respond back ASAP

    Thank you,

    Frank Juliano


    Salary Range: $90,000 to 135,000

    5 Openings Available

    Location: Washington, DC

    Industry: Financial Services

    The SAP Applications Functional Specialist, providing functional support and implementation in SAP Applications R/3, in module areas of FI-Finance (Grants, Budgeting, Funds Mgmt, Asset Accounting, Fixed Assets, GL, SPL, FM, AP/AR), CO Controlling. Knowledge of required SAP product module/suite business processes, navigation mechanics, and configuration requirements and integration with other modules and SAP's Business Warehouse. Develop and maintain configuration and functional design documents and support role based profile changes. The candidate is expected to perform all tasks in development cycle, starting from business process definition, to configuration and unit testing, assistance and follow-up with user testing, to coordination of transports to Production, to training and post-live support and fixes, etc. Experience within Public Sector (Federal) preferred. Local to WDC Metro area. Must travel 100%.

    Candidate must have

    Minimum of 4 years experience with a BA or related experience.;

    Must have hands-on delivery/configuration experience in at least 2 of following modules: FI-Finance (Grants, Budgeting, Funds, Asset Acct, Fixed Assets, GL, SPL, FM, AP, AR), CO Controlling; 3 full lifecycle required, multiple preferred,

    Federal Government experience preferred.

    US Citizenship required.

    Hands-on Delivery/configuration experience in at least 2 FM Modules (Grant, Budgeting, Funds, Assets, GL, AP, AR or Controlling

    SAP Accounts Receivable

    Public Sector/Government project experience
  • To Apply :

SAP MM/PP Managing Consultant

SAP MM/PP Managing Consultant

  • Description:
    We are on retainer with a Global Solutions organization who is looking for a SAP MM/PP Managing Consultant - This is a Full Time Employee position). This position requires 80% travel and you must live in ANY CITY/ANY STATE. If you are interested please forward your resume and I will respond back ASAP

    Thank you,

    Frank Juliano


    Salary Range: $72,000 to 145,000

    Location: ANY CITY/ANY STATE

    BEST Industry: Computer Software & Services

    We Will Sponsor/Transfer H-1B

    This Consultant is responsible for delivery of Materials Management and Production Planning module deliverables on Mid-Market engagements, including implementation, upgrade, and/or extension of existing applications. The consultant assists clients & leads teams in the selection, implementation & support of SAP solutions which naturally include design, configuration & testing. Will provide functional & business process expertise and provide hands-on leadership & direction to the project team, which generally consists of consultants, subcontractors, remote global resources & client employees. Also participates in qualifying & pursuing client sales opportunities & may play a lead role in developing the solution, scope, estimates & client proposal as well as be heavily involved in business case development. Mid-market exp pref. Major Field of Study: Computer Science or related degree Strong SAP functional / technical knowledge of MM & PP (ECC5.0). Hands-on developed project deliverables using a formal/structured methodology. Ability to apply SAP knowledge to resolve configuration and technical issues. Process definition, analysis, design, & implementation. Ability to conduct business requirements definition sessions and apply required configuration changes. Leadership and ability to manage teams. Motivating teams to excel and transferring knowledge to client personnel. Test plan, scenario, & script development. Medium to large client interaction & process consulting experience. Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, & Visio. Candidates can live near any major metropolitan US City with access to a major Airport. Position requires up to 100% travel.

    Candidate must have

    Strong verbal & written communication, analytical, and interpersonal skills required.

    Experience successfully applying structured project management methodology.

    Min. 5 yrs. hands-on delivery/configuration consulting experience of SAP MM & PP (ECC5.0)

    SAP Team lead / Project management experience

    Minimum of 3 full life cycle implementations experience is required
  • To Apply :