Thursday, February 21, 2008


SAP ERP. Sounds like an alien language or a comedy duo, right? Well, if you’re part of a business, these two acronyms should roll of your tongue. Why? Because SAP ERP could save your business hundreds of person-hours and thousands of dollars by increasing efficiency and organizing your business’ data!

SAP (which originally stood for Systems, Applications, and Processing) is a brand of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, which is the software for any kind of business!

SAP ERP software is especially distinguishable from other ERP software because of its specialization in mid- to large-sized businesses, particularly banks, health care, machinery manufacturers, construction companies, mining, retail, media, wholesale, and other large industries.

SAP is a German-based company that was founded over thirty-five years ago by five former IBM engineers. Before SAP ERP, SAP was one of the first companies to offer an ERP-type software system with its SAP R/1-R/3 software, earlier prototypes of SAP ERP software. Today SAP is the world’s largest business software company.

SAP ERP software works as a customer service database, a warehouse inventory database, a human resources database, and a digital personal secretary all in one. Keep track of all of your clients’ contact information and purchases so that if they call, you can bring up their files and speak to them as if you had memorized every one of your clients’ preferences.

SAP ERP software keeps track of materials you need to manufacture new products as well as expenditures. Shipping dates, shipping costs, and orders placed are just a few examples of the warehouse inventory data stored in your SAP ERP software database. Take an order from a client, enter it into SAP ERP, and the computer in the warehouse will print out shipping information for your packers!

Your human resources department can use SAP ERP software to keep track of payroll, taxes, vacation time, sick leaves, resumes, and references all in one place.

SAP ERP software can also be your personal secretary because it can be programmed to make reminders pop up on your computer screen that you have a meeting or you promised to call a client. SAP ERP software also can automatically send e-mails to clients on a certain day as you program it or automatically print mailing labels for your mailing campaigns!

SAP ERP software is easy-to-use and easy-to-integrate with most programs. Do you frequently use Microsoft Office? You can keep using it with the SAP ERP software database!

Don’t let a little disorganization ruin your business when the problem is so easily solved with SAP ERP software. Shop online for the best prices or you can find SAP ERP software direct from the manufacturer along with more information at!

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