Thursday, February 21, 2008

What or who is ERP SAP


For the totally uninitiated, the terminology ERP SAP will sound almost like of a foreign language, yet it is a form of information technology that virtually forms the backbone in all that is going on across the developed world. It is no coincidence that the letters ERP appear first in the configuration, because the Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP) takes the predominant role.

Designed and developed to support multiple functions. In a business environment, ERP software has become an industry standard for the handling and processing of large volumes of information. Installing an ERP system provides integrated information running through a variety of departments. The function the software can handle in clued the following: · The entire manufacturing process · Order entry, · Accounts receivable · Accounts payable, · General ledger control. · Purchasing control. · Stock control and warehousing. · Transportation · Human resources.

With its roots in the manufacturing industry, ERP has evolved into a software package that can be stylized and tailored to suit any business application, from service industries to retailing. It can be used to integrate and assimilate with existing software programs, one of which was SAP.

So what does SAP stand for, you might be asking. SAP stands for Systems, Applications and Products. A highly original and straight to the point name for a company that is the fourth largest software developer in the World.

Founded in 1972, by a team of five engineers from Germany who met through their former employer, none other IBM, SAP were the developers of the ERP software, which has revolutionized the World of business information processing.

There success in this highly specialist field .is virtually unrivalled, and they have sold over 100,000 versions of their software since they wrote their first piece of code. SAP’s client base numbers more than 30,000, most of them large international businesses and corporation based all over the globe.

Today SAP is recognized as the market leader in collaborative business software solutions Although the bulk of their software is sold in North America, where the operate a wholly owned subsidiary company, SAP’s headquarters remain in Walldorf, Germany, This is the nerve center of the company and the base for the file wholly owned global subsidiaries.

What is especially interesting about SAP ERP is that the company has only ever launched three versions of this software. There flair for naming their products is widely evidenced by the fact that the three versions were titled R/1, followed by R/2 and the current version, the aptly named R/3.

Despite the sparseness of their product naming policy, SAP certainly know ho to turn a profit both on Wall Street and on the German stock exchange. With 27,000 highly trained programmers and service personnel on their payroll, SAP is now turning over $11 billion annually. A lot of money for a company with such a short name and small product range.

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