Saturday, April 21, 2007

Enterprise Java for SAP

Enterprise Java for SAP
by Austin Sincock

Publisher :Apress © 2003

Size: 4.14MB
Pages: 336

This book is specifically targeted at developers who are fluent in SAP’s programming language, ABAP, and are looking to learn the Java language. The author explores SAP, JavaServer Pages, JDBC, and Enterprise Java Beans.

Java Primer for SAP is designed as an introduction to Enterprise Java for the SAP developer. After providing a general introduction to Java, author Austin Sincock explores how to open the typically closed SAP environment to the world of Java. Sincock explores communicating with a SAP environment through such Enterprise Java technologies as JavaServer Pages (JSP), JDBC, and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB). Where possible, open source technologies are explored for the Java connections pieces-atypical for the SAP environment where everything is proprietary.


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