Saturday, April 21, 2007

Characterstic Based Planning with mySAP SCM

Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3540257810

Pages: 161
Size: 3.37 MB

Characteristics are used in SAP as attributes, e.g. to specify the configuration
of products or the properties of batches. In many industries – engineering,
automotive, mill, pharmaceutical and foods to name the most
typical – supply chain planning has to consider these characteristics. APO
offers many different functionalities for planning with characteristics,
where each of the functionalities has some prerequisites and incompatibilities.
Within the design of an implementation there are multiple determinants
for the system configuration, and it is very important to understand
the interdependencies and limitations at an early stage of the project. This
book offers help and advice for the basic design of the implementation by

• the processes and scenarios (process chains) for planning with
• the functionalities for planning with characteristics in APO including
their prerequisites and incompatibilities and
• the entities, dependencies and system configuration determinants
for planning with characteristics in R/3 and APO

in order to avoid the discovery towards the end of the implementation that
some parts just do not work together – and this risk is much higher using
characteristics because the interdependencies are much less obvious.


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