Saturday, April 21, 2007

SAP Security : SAP R/3 Authorization Made Easy 4.6A/B

SAP Security : SAP R/3 Authorizations Made Easy 4.6A/B
User Role Templates and Generating Authorization Profiles



1) R/3 System Security and Authorization concept
2) Authorizations and ASAP
3) Setting up the Profile Generator
4) User Administration
5) User Role Templates
6) Advanced Profile Generator Functionality
7) Preparing R/3 Environment for Go-Live
8) Inserting Missing Authorizations
9) Assigning Activity Groups
10) Setting Up the ALE Environment for Central User Administration
11) Setting Up the Central User Administration
12) Tips and Troubleshooting
13) SAP Security Audit and Logging
14) Upgrade
* SAPNet R/3 Fronted Notes
* Frequently Asked Questions
* Important System Profile Parameters


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