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SAP BW Certification

SAP BW Certification

Publisher: Wiley
ISBN: 0471236349

Pages: 355
Size: 7.05 MB

The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) Certification Test program is a rigorous testing and certification program for SAP BW practitioners. This book is a concise, comprehensive study guide to the areas covered on the SAP BW certification exam.

SAP offers consultants the opportunity to be recognized for their skills as an SAP Certified Consultant. Recognized worldwide, the certificate evidences their ability as a highly qualified SAP BW consultant to the marketplace. Certified consultants can also access the SAP information network, keeping their knowledge up-to-date to benefit customers. The certification test for becoming an application consultant for SAP BW is intended to provide candidates with the opportunity to prove that they have a fundamental knowledge of this particular area of the SAP system and are able to apply this knowledge within a project environment.

The book provides information about the exam, training offerings by SAP, a study guide,sample test questions, suggested exercises and one simulated certification test. This book covers the core (required) subject areas for the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) certification:

  • SAP BW Data Modeling. Basic concepts and techniques for data modeling in traditional data warehouses and SAP BW.
  • SAP BW Building Blocks. Basic concepts and tools of the configuration, technical architecture and warehouse management of the SAP Business Information Warehouse.
  • SAP BW Reporting. SAP BW reporting and analysis tools.
  • SAP BW Extraction. Mechanisms to extract data from SAP and non-SAP data sources
    within SAP BW.
Useful reference information is also provided to assist you in becoming more knowledgeable and proficient in SAP BW, including SAP BW quick reference guide, SAP training offerings,and a list of useful on-line and published resources on data warehousing, business intelligence, SAP R/3, and SAP BW.


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