Saturday, April 21, 2007

Roadmap to

Roadmap to

Publisher: Premier Press
ISBN: 1931841152
Pages: 350
Size: 3.37 MB

Learn how to put mySAP solutions to work for your company through the use of mySAP Workplace and mySAP Marketplace. Stay a step ahead of the competition by taking advantage of the information provided on the SAPMarkets' components and he CommerceOne initiative for building and deploying e-Marketplaces. Gain a comprehensive understanding of what constitues a project and follow along as the author covers the implementation tools currently available and outlines the tools of the future. Get an overview of the technological foundation of the strategy. Begin with a discussion of the SAP Business Framework architecture such as ALE and BAPIs, found in previous SAP releases, as this book explains the evolution of the new generation of Internet integration developed utilizing Web technology and standards.

Provides a range of tools for enhancing the performance and productivity of your business. Through practical examples, it covers the main concepts around SAP's Internet strategy.

This book, Roadmap to, tries to depict the big picture of this new Web computing and e-business philosophy. The goal of this book is to provide an extremely useful reference to every professional, consultant, or IT employee involved with SAP technology. The book explains the main concepts of SAP’s Internet strategy: the solutions, applications, and supporting systems; the components and architectures; and the administration and development duties. It includes practical examples of the technology being explained so that readers can more easily approach the technology and start real hands-on work.

The book covers the latest SAP technology as of the FCS release of the SAP Web Application Server, including common functionality of R/3 releases 4.6C and upward, as well as the new releases of the components.


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